Your Design

Get your design printed on fabric. Browse our specially selected range of fabrics, upload your design and we’ll do the rest. Whether you’re creating your own clothes or upholstering a chair, we have the right fabric for your project.

1. Choose a fabric

We have a range of fabrics from sheers to towelling. They come in various widths up to 1.5 metres and you can print any length (just let us know if you require more than 50 metres. See our range here.

2. Check your file

We print at 150ppi, for optimum quality and file size. Check your design file is scaled to 100% at 150ppi, this will ensure no resizing of your file is needed. For more information see our Artwork Help page.

3. Upload your design

On the order form for each fabric click the Select File button to upload your file. JPEG (jpg) files are preferred however, we also accept TIF (tif). For more information see our Artwork Help page.

4. Select a length

There are 2 sliders on the order form for metres and centimetres. The minimum length is 1 metre, the maximum is 50 metres. Please contact us if you would like to order more than 50 metres.

5. Add instructions

Tell us how you would like us to print your design. If you have set up your file to the width of the fabric we can repeat the design along the length. If the design needs repeating across the width and length let us know. For more information see our Artwork Help page.

Get Started

Not sure which fabric to use? Select our sample pack to get a feel for the fabric before you print.

The advantages of Digitally Printed Fabric

Low Cost

You spend less because there’s no need for screen engraving and colour separation.

Outstanding Quality

You can achieve precise reproduction with strong colour consistency every print run.

Unlimited Colours

You can use any number of colours in your design.

Small Quantities

You can print small quantities of fabric.

Unlimited Repeat Size

You are not limited by the diameter of the screen when creating a repeat size.

Faster Turnaround

You can get your design fast and have the print exactly how you want it.

No Nasty Chemicals

You don’t need to worry about chemicals. Our inks are chemical free, water based and in turn kinder to the environment.

Better for the Planet

You can feel better about the environmental impact of your fabric, because we use less of ink, energy and water compared to traditional screen printing and there’s less waste as we only print what you need.